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Our vineyards

The Sturmfeder winery encompasses an area of 15 hectare. In total, vines of twelve varieties are grown, 70 percent of which are red wines, 30 percent are white wines. The Burgundy varieties with their fine and fruity bouquets and their low acidity constitute the principal variety. Particularly noteworthy is the „Samtrot“, the velvety taste of which lives up to its name (Samtrot = velvety red). The most popular white wines are the racy and fruity Riesling as well as the light Pinot Gris. In a small segment various champagnes are fermented using the labour-intensive “méthode champenoise”.

In the production of the luxury foodstuff of wine Graf von Bentzel profits from a particular feature of the Schozach location. This terrain with its loamy and keuper soils is special due to its geological faults. Under the Rote Berg mountain with its gradient of up to 45 percent several rock formations like limestone, shell limestone and tuff are present. Additionally, in a depth of three to six meters water from the Löwenstein mountains presses towards the Neckar river. Thermal air currents cause a considerable temperature rise during the day, whereas there is a substantial cooling at night. This extreme microclimate causes the wines to mature more slowly resulting in a great aging potential.

Premium quality ROTER BERG: Top Spätlese/Auslese single-variety vintages. The red wines are mash fermented and matured in wooden barrels. Top cuvée Grand Phillipp.

Top quality STURMFEDER: Superior quality and predicate single-variety wines.

Superior quality GUTSWEINE: Good and digestible quality single-variety wine in a litre bottle.