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Labels designed by artists

In combination with the presentation of exquisite art, the local wines of the Graf von Bentzel-Sturmfeder winery ensure an extraordinary experience of the joint enjoyment of art and wine in Schozach. The popular Acolon, a full-bodied cross-breed between Dornfelder and Lemberger, or the Cabernet Dorsa are annually produced in a limited edition of 800 bottles with labels designed by nationally renowned artists.

The artists are completely free in the design of their labels and are subject to (almost) no constraints or regulations. The only exception: the two battle axes, the coat of arms of the Sturmfeder family, have to be incorporated in one way or another.

Artists and their labels:
2002  Claus Süß (Chemnitz)
2003  Jürgen Görtz (Angelbachtal)
2004  Adam-Lude Döring (Illingen)
2005  Hans-Georg Lang (Schloss Eurasburg)
2006  Michaela Fischer (Auenstein)
2007  Gregor Koczick (Chemnitz)
2008  Dagmar Zemke (Chemnitz)
2009  Rainer Hüttner (Möglingen)

Source: TOP Magazine Stuttgart November 2011