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Family tradition since 1396

The winery Graf von Bentzel-Sturmfeder, first mentioned in a document in 1396, is located in a typical Swabian wine village - Schozach. The winery building lies between the bakehouse and the village square, topped by a small clock tower, a so-called ridge turret, above the wine press. In the baroque tasting cellar you are introduced to the history of the Sturmfeder family in the Schozach valley dominated by the cultivation of wine.

The Freiherren (barons) von Sturmfeder are of German descent and were first mentioned in the year 987 in the monastery of Neudenau/Württemberg: “…when Count Eberhard von Württemberg gave Knight Friedrich Sturmfeder a piece of land in the forest of Schozach in fief for his services to him”(see attached pdf). The name Sturmfeder has a special meaning. A „sturmfeder“ was a medieval battle axe used in close combat when storming a castle. The two axes facing away from each other can be found in the family coat of arms.

The comital estate in Schozach lies in the midst of an ideal wine-growing terrain, the excellent quality of which was discovered centuries ago. This tradition makes the Sturmfeder wines an insider tip amongst wine connoisseurs. In recent years the different wines have found their way into famous castles, palaces and embassies.

An excerpt from the family history